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Announcement Wednesday, June 15th 2022

Classic MU is a Season 17 Part 2 semi hard play 2 win non reset server with a limited xShop where free players can comfortably enjoy the game.  We don’t need your money, just want you to MU!



Ruud - Maze of Dimensions Event (Primary), Invasions, Mini-Games, Moss (through Miracle Coins)

Goblin Points - Events, Invasions, Bosses, Play Time

wCoins - Bought from site where $1.00 USD = 1000 wCoins from the user control panel.



How do I trade Ruud?

A. You can purchase tradeable ruud coins from Priest James in Elbland.


How do I trade wCoins or Goblin Points?

A. You can purchase tradeable wCoins from the xShop in the SPECIAL category


What is the personal store currency?

A. wCoins


How many accounts per computer?

A. 3 per computer


How can I see Event Timers?

A. Event Timers are available on our website, you can subscribe to them on our discord OR you can press F1 in game and view timers



How can i learn about drops?

A. Press F1 in game and click on DROP LIST