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Announcement Tuesday, July 26th 2022

Due to significant IGCN issues, we've converted this server into a test server and plan to re-launch on August 20.



Announcement Wednesday, June 15th 2022

Classic MU is a Season 17 Part 2 semi hard play 2 win non reset server with a limited xShop where free players can comfortably enjoy the game.  We don’t need your money, just want you to MU!



Ruud - Maze of Dimensions Event (Primary), Invasions, Mini-Games, Moss (through Miracle Coins)

Goblin Points - Events, Invasions, Bosses, Play Time

wCoins - Bought from site where $1.00 USD = 1000 wCoins from the user control panel.



How do I trade Ruud?

A. You