[Maintenance] 23.01 Read!

Hello Guyz, 

Maintenance will be done tomorrow around 18:00 am for corrections and adjustment of

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[Changelogs & Wings 2.5] 18.01 Read!

Hi guyz, As everyone knows this morning, we had an unforeseen event, where our data center, due to t

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[VIP Gold & Benefits] Read!

Hello to those who wish to contract with our server to maintain stability and services up to date, w

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[Changelogs] 17.01 Read!

Hi huyz, As you all know, we had some initial problems with the server, due to reconnect and some se

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[Offattack System] Read!!

Attack é Offattack System:

The server has the /attack and /offattack command, to use it, just per

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